With professionals who are consolidated in the most solid and traditional technical-human formation, the office provides legal assistance in complex in and out of court litigation issues. It also acts on the provision of legal advisory services, with the elaboration of legal opinions, due diligences, agreements, real estate transactions, assets and succession planning.
Among its main performance areas, the following can be mentioned:



Acts on the proceedings in all types of lawsuits, involving several areas of the law, such as civil, commercial and civil, tax and corporate liabilities.

Arbitration and Mediation

The Office has experience in national and international arbitration and mediation, in the civil and commercial areas, resulting from agreements of the most varied corporate areas.

Real Estate Law

Legal solutions in real estate, rentals, issues involving the use and the occupation of the soil and the surface, ownership actions, mergers, creation of investment funds, condominium, land subdivision and great undertakings.

Succession Law

Follow up of in and out of court inventories, guidance for succession and assets planning, preservation of family companies, besides the performance in the family area, in consensual legal separation proceedings, common law marriages, interdictions and guardianship.


Advisory for the resolution of cases involving Consumer Law, either for companies or for individuals, in highly complex litigations.

Corporate Reorganization

Assistance in and out of court, representing debtors in their in and out of court Reorganization procedures, pursuant to Law 11.101/2005, from the structuring of the request, which may involve due diligences and negotiations with creditors, to the elaboration of the Reorganization Plan, its approval and implementation. Out-of-Court, we represent debtors and creditors, providing legal advisory services and corporate reformulation services and tax planning.


Legal advisory and audits, administrative and court proceedings, advisory about biddings and administrative contracting, including PPP (Public-Private Partnerships), concessions, permissions and authorizations, performance on account rendering proceedings and other procedures before the Court of Audit (Tribunal de Contas), structuring of corporate operations, resulting from regulatory aspects, elaboration and negotiation of regulatory terms for agreements, advisory about public hearings and public consultations, licensing procedures for establishments and registration of products in the appropriate bodies, and follow up of proceedings, laws and jurisprudence.

Environmental Law

Advisory on legal issues for the obtainment of the necessary licenses in the environmental bodies for the implementation of projects which are by nature harmful to the environment. The client also counts on the analysis of the environmental liability and assistance in proceedings and environmental management certification bodies.

Constitutional Law

Elaboration of legal opinions about bills of laws, constitutional amendments bills; performance of minutes of Unconstitutionality Direct Action(ADIN), Constitutionality Declaratory Action (ADECON), and the request for non-compliance of basic principles (ADPF).





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