Frederico José Leite Gueiros

Bachelor of Law from Universidade do Estado da Guanabara, in 1966. Lawyer, always in the civil area, from 11/07/1967 until March 1989, when he assumed the position of Federal Judge in the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd Region, with jurisdiction in the States of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo. He joined the first composition that Court of Justice established by the Charter of October 1988, participating thus its installation. As a lawyer was an alternate member of Brazil in Commercial Law Commission of the United Nations from January 1975 to September 1978, and participated in several meetings of working groups on sale and international freight in New York and Geneva.

Effective Member of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers, which was a Director for the biennium 1980/1982 and also elected Director Official Speaker for the biennium 1988/1990. He joined the Standing Committee to the Office of Admissions for the biennium 1982/1984, then chaired by Prof. Professor and Dean of the defunct State University of Guanabara, Caius Tacitus Viana Sá Pereira de Vasconcelos.

Director of OAB / RJ for the biennium 1981/1983 and 1984/1985. In these periods the 3rd joined the Ethics and Disciplinary Commission and Human Rights and Legal Aid, the latter having been its Vice-President. Even as representative of OAB / RJ joined the Commission's 5th Tender for Admission to Career Prosecutor of the State of Rio de Janeiro.

Between 1983 and 1990 he joined the faculty of the Institute of Public Law and Political Science at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, under the direction of Professors Arinos Afonso de Mello Franco and Miguel Gonçalves Ulhoa Cintra.

Judge, Lawyer of the vacancy, the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro for the biennium 1988/1990. He took office as Judge of the Federal TRF of the 2nd Region on 03/30/1989, starting, there, his career as a Magistrate. Chaired the 4th Panel of that Court until he was elected Magistrate of the Federal Court in the 2nd. Region, of 11.11.1998 to 05.04.2001. Vice-President of the TRF of the 2nd Region and Deputy Member of the Board of the Federal Court for the biennium 2003/2005. President of the TRF of the 2nd Region and Member of the Board of the Federal Court for the biennium 2005/2007. Integrated and presided addition, the 6th and the 3rd Specialized Panel. Specialized Section of the TRF of the 2nd Region as Federal Judge. Member of the Working Group to define the guidelines in the creation of the National School of Development and Improvement of Magistrates-ENFAM, coordinated by the President of the STJ. Member of the Standing Committee of the Internal Rules of TRF 2nd Region, having been its President for 3 successive biennia. Member of the examination boards of the TRF of the 2nd Region for the 1st., 2., 3., 7., 8., 9 and 10, evidence competitions and titles for federal deputy judge in the region.

Brazilian Federal Judge invited to attend the "International Patent Judges Conference" in Washington, October 1995, at the invitation of the U.S. Federal Court, based on that capital. Member of the Regional Electoral Tribunal of RJ, elected by the TRF of the 2nd Region for the biennium 1998/2000, when he chaired the TRE Electoral Commission Board to the general elections of 1998. Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the Association of Brazilian Magistrates.

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